The Crime of Nationalized Healthcare Part 1: Cancer

Provocative title isn’t it?  Well, sadly there is a lot of truth in that title.

The best example of which is the situation of Barbara Wagner.  Barbara Wagner is a Cancer Patient who is on the State Run Oregon Health Care system, or as I refer to it, Oregoncare.  When she was diagnosed with Cancer, the State of Oregon sent her an unsigned letter sayign that, while it would not pay for her cancer medication, as it, like the NHS over in the UK, does not cover life extending drugs, it would pay for her euthenasia.

It was not until the “EVIL” drug companies stepped in and donated a full course of treatment, that she had any real options.

Similar incidents occur all across the United Kingdom, Canada, and Scotland, where they have a Nationalized Healthcare System.

These systems are so bad, that there is a growing industry known as Medical Tourism, with the United States and Hungary as the two primary destination spots.  While Hungary is the home of dentistry in Europe, as British Dentists do not get paid once they surpass the NHS Quota, and thus have no incentive to continue to work.  This leaves seven million British Citizens without access to Dentistry within their own country.

And now, we find out that the Massachusets Health Care System is collapsing under it’s own weight in spectacular, California Government Style.

We are seeing time and again, across the board, that this system does not work, so please, tell, me, WHY are we trying to copy these crimes here in the United States?


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  1. 1 activelyfused
    20090630 at 1523

    Your title isn’t as provocative as it is uninformed. Perhaps you might have started with asking why Barbara was on Oregon’s state healthcare insurance plan in the first place. She is either in the risk pool for uninsurable patients, or the Medicaid program for those that can’t afford insurance.

    In either case she is in a fringe program with very limited resources, designed as a bare-bones safety net for Oregonians that private insurers won’t touch. While you may be one of the cherries that private insurers pick, rest assured you will be in her position the moment you develop a pre-existing condition outside the protective bubble of a group health plan.

    Wouldn’t you rather have a comprehensive health system in place if that happened, rather than a holey patchwork of afterthought care? And yes, you and/or your employer subsidize the “free” prescriptions big pharma donated to Barbara for its photo op.

    For a very good overview of 5 capitalist democratic government health systems other than Canada and the UK, see http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/sickaroundtheworld/

    • 2 The Climate Heretic
      20090630 at 1748

      And you missed the information I posted about Canada and the UK doing the exact same thing in their NHS program, and they have a National Government backing them. And in both cases, it came down to the same thing, the government was unwilling to cough up the funds for life-saving drugs, because they would not get Tax money back from the person in return. It is a consistent pattern that can be seen all around the globe, time and time and time again.

      Not only is National Healthcare Unconstitutional (As I will discuss later this week), it is truly a crime to place people under the care of the Government. Remember, “Any Government big enough o give you everything you want, is big enough to take everything you have.” It is no less true because we are talking about Healthcare.

      Is the system in need of an overhaul? Of course it is, but placing more people under the care of a Government Bureaucracy is not the answer, as they shall be treated as cogs in a machine, and not as people. But if you want to go to the DMV for healthcare, be my guest.

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