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Sheila Jackson Lee: Embarresment

My mother, in response to an Ammendment to H.R. 600: FHA Seller-Financed Downpayment Reform Act of 2009 (Which I shall be conducting a Constitutionality Review of tomorrow), had the following to say.

Dear Congressman Moore,

I emailed your office inquiring one thing on HR 245 - did you 
read the entire bill, without assistance from your staff.  
Unfortunately, I have not had a response.  

Now, I have another question.  Are you planning to get caught 
up in the Michael Jackson nonsense - H. RES. 600?  
Perhaps that time could be better spent reading HR 245.  

Also, thanks for all your votes that have resulted in 
my share of the debt:
As of July 7, 2009:
Your share:

You can see how I turned out so well, with great Role Models like her.  Now, for the record, H.R. 600 is not actually about Michael Jackson.  It is about us paying the mortgages of fools who shouldn’t have gotten the mortgages in the first place.

However, Sheila “Black Named Hurricanes” Jackson Lee, has introduced an Ammendment to the Resolution which will honor the man.

And so, back to the “No Michael Jackson Zone” for me.


4th of July

Sorry about the unannounced five day weekend.  I had a rather wierd one.  From an ambush by the girl who dumped me, to picking my sister up from the airport after her month long vacation in Europe, to the 4th of July activities, to the recovery the next few days, and my disgust with the media over the Michael Jackson funeral, I am just glad the weekend is over.

So, it is time to inform you of what I did on the 4th of July.

I started off the day at O’Dark Thirty for the Lenexa Freedom Run, the 4th of July 5K my City conducts every year, in the worst Humidity I have ever faced.  I am not going to claim that I am in good condition, but it was the worst I have ever done.  I lost three minutes off my time thanks to that.

Then, I went to the American Celebration, or as I called it all day, the Independence Day Tea Party.  That was fun.  I brought my Betsy Ross flag, as you will see in the video, and on the front of the video before you click on it.

Then, they gave me a Megaphone.  Have they not been watching the videos of the Channel 9 Protest or the Cap and Trade Tea Party?  (I am the guy in the White T-Shirt [usually my Fair-Tax one] and a FairTax Hat or Sunglasses or both)  I don’t NEED a megaphone.  But, I will admit, it helped me as I read out the Declaration of Independence.

Apparently, the Media where there.  I never saw them.  But Kansas Meadowlark has links to the Media Coverage of the event.  Granted, the protest stretched over a mile in length on the Kansas Side, and about half of that on the Missouri side.


Global Warming debate is like High School

Oh, great, I am back in fracking High School all over again.  I have been called a Nazi.  At least this time it isn’t because I am a Blonde Haired, Blue Eyed, German-American with Conservative Libertarian Ideology.  (I know, that last part makes no sense, but in High School, a Nazi is any Conservative)  There is a reason I wear a hat and sunglasses out as often as possible when Rabble Rousing at a Tea Party.  It doesn’t help that in my Senior Year, my Catholic Social Teachings professor compared me to a man who supported Segregation.

For those of you blissfully ignorant.  Al Gore has decided that I am a member of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party, and all because I am a Climate Heretic.  (Socialist and Worker in the same name, in the home of the Statist seeds sown by the Prussians?  How the hell did anyone expect that to go well?)

And all of this because I recognize the follies of Climate Indulgences.  Because, that is all that Cap and Trade is.  It will not reduce CO2.  Spain has already proven that much.  All that it will do is cost you and I more, and more, and more, and more money in the short run and long run.  Martin Luther helped force the Church to recognize that it was corrupt, so I wonder, why isn’t Inhoffe doing more to act like Martin Luther? (Wow, I am encouraging my favorite Senator to act like my least favorite Theologian.  Scary.)

However, when it comes to the liberties enshrined in the Constitution of the United States of America, I am willing to preform any Non-Violent act of Civil Disobedience.  Emphasis there on the Non-Violent part.

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