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NewsBusted 7/28/09


Honesty on the Hill

I never thought I would say it, but Conyers actually told the truth here, even if he doesn’t realize it…


Protest Roundup

Sharp Elbows has a hilarious report on ignorant Cap and Taxers who don’t even understand what they are promoting. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

Gateway Pundit has more on that McCaskill ObamaCare Town Hall, and the resulting Tea Party that broke out. Dang, I wish I could have been there.  I would have brought my shades and Betsy Ross.

I did trot them out for a different protest out in front of Congressman Denis Moore’s Office here in Johnson County.  As usual, Kansas Meadowlark has the video.  You can hear my leading chants and informing the crowd in the background near the begining.

The Campaign For Liberty presented 1,044 petitions, signed over the past several weeks, to Dennis Moore’s office, demanding that he support the Audit the Fed bill.

I wonder what camera Meadowlark is using, because he has some great stills pulled from a video from a car that was driving past.

Meadowlark also had some great footage of the “Angry Mob” which greeted Bernanke when he arrived at the Federal Reserve. I wish I could have gone, but it was over before I could get there.  (No, the guy with the Betsy Ross at 1:50 is not me, though I am glad to see that Betsy Ross is spreading as a symbol for the protests)  They even had some “Who Are We?  We The People!” chants going.  Glad to hear it.  It is a great way to drive home out point.

Keep up the good work Protesters, I hope to be there at the next one.

Which, I have not been made aware of…


Iranian Coup Underway

It looks to me that soon, Iminajihad is going to be little more then a puppet for the Supreme Ayatollah Koumeini, with the real power being held in the hands of the armed forces of Iran.

Atlas Shrugs is reporting that on day 43 of the Revolution that Would Not Die, even though the Armed Forces are SLAUGHTERING Iranians left and right for continuing to demand their basic human rights.

On top of that, China Confidential is reporting that Iminajihad is plotting the assassination of Mousavi.

Defiantly, Hot Air is reporting that the protests will NOT stop until the government backs down.

But, it would appear that the Revolutionary Guard is taking control of the state under the cover of smoke.  If they should take control, then any who try to protest will do wo with a target on their back.

And if Honduras is any indication, Obama will not lift a finger to stop them.


Honduras and Venezuela (UPDATE: Chavez in Colombia)

Wierd stuff going on down south of the border.

First off, Obama is punishing the nation of Honduras for upholding the Constitution of Honduras. That is damn near criminal.

This as support for Zelaya, the ousted wanna-be dictator in Honduras, is fading in his home country. I am surprised it was there int he first place.

Secondly, Venezuela is doubling it’s tank forces.

While Chavez claims this is because the United States is placing more troops in Colombia, so far Obama has been marching to Chavez’s drum in Central America, putting the lie to the claim.  I think we could see a Venezuelan subjugation of Honduras soon, and the thought saddens me, as I fear that Obama would not lift a finger to defend them.

Update 1:

Jawa Report is reporting that Chavez is Arming FARC.  Now, these are old rockets and Chavez needs money, but Gateway Pundit has the other shoe on this one.

Zelaya has connections to FARC.

So, are we seeing a new Red Balloon filling up in Central/South America?  I think I might have guessed right about Chavez rolling into Honduras and forcing the Honduran people to accept Zelaya as their President…


Domestic Terrorism Alert

Atlas Shrugs is reporting that 7  where arrested in Raleigh, North Carolina on Terrorism Charges. Of the 7, 6 of them where American Citizens, with one of them believed to be a VETERAN of training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and was attempting to send them over seas for training.

The Jawa Report reports that 3 Americans from Minnesota killed in Somalia while fighting for al-Shabaab, the Somali al-Qadea affiliate. All of them participated in Youth Programs at the Abubakar as-Saddique Islamic Center.


ObamaCare Round Up and LinkFest: PART II

The Other McCain has a review of Michelle Malkin’s overview of the way Michelle Obama treated patients at the University of Chicago Hospital.  It is not pretty.

Gateway Pundit has information indicating that Obama’s Health Care Advisors want to euthenize Americans who can no longer pay more in taxes then they can receive.  Didn’t I say that OregonCare is ALREADY doing that?  Oh, that’s right, I did. ActivelyFuzed, what do you say to this?

Okie reports that  ACORN  is going after those who disagree with the President on ObamaCare.

Similar events happened in Baton Rouge recently, where ACORN siced the Police on people who where discussing ObamaCare away from the event.

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler also has some info on a Nurse forced to preform Infantacidal Eugenics, after she was threatened with letters in her Curiculum Vitae accusing her of Insubordination and Patient Abandonment should she refuse. How long, under ObamaCare, till they use this to force Nurses to Euthenize +65 year olds who are refusing to comply with their End-of-life Counselor’s recomendations?  We already know the Top Advisors of Obama in this field are recomending this option for all those who get sick but don’t have Private Health Insurance.

Hot Air Reports that ObamaCare Activists are just ignoring the facts altogether.

At least Newt is trying to come up with something.

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