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Domestic Terrorism Alert

Atlas Shrugs is reporting that 7  where arrested in Raleigh, North Carolina on Terrorism Charges. Of the 7, 6 of them where American Citizens, with one of them believed to be a VETERAN of training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and was attempting to send them over seas for training.

The Jawa Report reports that 3 Americans from Minnesota killed in Somalia while fighting for al-Shabaab, the Somali al-Qadea affiliate. All of them participated in Youth Programs at the Abubakar as-Saddique Islamic Center.


Afghanistan Combat Footage

Time for some WarPorn.  I found a great video of an Apache strike on a Taliban Ambush Point in Afghanistan that makes me smile.  Air Superiority is awesome.

The above was from the Village of Donga, Afghanistan, as was the below firefight.  It looks like there is some intense fighting around Donga.

The below takes place in Korengal Valley, near the border with Waziristan.  Let me tell you, anytime you have an A-10 Warthog overhead is a GOOD DAY.  Of course, any day you have an AC-130 overhead is an AWESOME DAY, but they are expensive to keep equipped, so you can’t have them everyday.

Sgt. Puetz of the 5th Public Affairs Mobile Detatchment has a great future ahead of him in combat videography, and I hope he, and anyone he is with, stay safe.


The Raptor Falls

As a young man who seeks to serve and protect the Constitution of the Untied States of America, it saddens and angers me when I see a beautiful weapon laid to rest before it’s time for reasons of politics and budgets.

In Obama’s rush to bankrupt the United States of America, the world’s most advanced War Fighter, the F-22 Raptor, has been laid in the ground.

For those unfamiliar with this beautiful piece of Aeronatuics, the F-22 Raptor is the world’s first true Stealth Fighter.  On top of that, the Raptor is capable of acting in all of the following roles with no modifications, save a changeout of it’s weapon load outs.

Electronic Warfare and Countermeasures

Ground Attack


Air Superiority Fighter

Interceptor Fighter

Airborne Early Warning Aircraft

Anti-Submarine Warfare

In short, everything that the F-117, B-2, F-16, F-15E, F/A-18E, E/A-6B Prowler, etc.

In fact, the only small aircraft I wouldn’t replace with the F-22 is the A-10, because the A-10 has that beautiful chain gun built to penetrate the armor on a TANK, and the Harrier, because that is going to be replaced with the F-35 JSF.

So why is this amazing weapons system being scrapped?  Because Obama needs that 350 Million for his Healthcare Plan.  That’s right, Obama is scrapping the most potent tool for Freedom in favor of making us Dependent upon the Government.

Obama, you make me sick.


Internet Counter Jihad Kill Orders

The Jawa Report has handed down Kill Orders for a number of Terrorist Websites, time to make dead.  MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!


Al Shabbab in the United States

For years now, I have been following information on the Jawa Report about Muslim Terrorists recruiting here in the United States.  The primary proponent in this is Al Shabbab, a division of Al Qaeda, responsible for recruiting young men of Somali descent here in the United States to serve in the Al Shabbab army in their native land.

Well, no longer are they operating only outside the United States. They are now operating as gangs, conducting low level acts of terrorism, varying from a normal crime in motivation only, and are able to act as regular gangs, hidden in annonymity, carrying out acts of microscopic terrorism right under our noses.

Oh, and this is to you morons in Queers for Palestine, Muslim Terrorists HATE YOU, as the group currently acting in the United States shows quite proudly in the above video.

Currently, even if the media refuses to declare it, we can see the effects of this in Europe, where Paris as we know it is dying.


Boiling Over: France under Media Blackout

Why is the mainstream media saying NOTHING about the situation in France?  We are watching a full-fledged Intafada in effect in France, and it seems like only Atlas is covering it.  I expect this from CNN, but FOX, where are you on this?


Heroes in Action: 82nd Airborne

Video footage of an AH-64 Apachee taking out a number of road-side bombers.  Great footage.

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