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Domestic Terrorism Alert

Atlas Shrugs is reporting that 7  where arrested in Raleigh, North Carolina on Terrorism Charges. Of the 7, 6 of them where American Citizens, with one of them believed to be a VETERAN of training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and was attempting to send them over seas for training.

The Jawa Report reports that 3 Americans from Minnesota killed in Somalia while fighting for al-Shabaab, the Somali al-Qadea affiliate. All of them participated in Youth Programs at the Abubakar as-Saddique Islamic Center.


Internet Counter Jihad Kill Orders

The Jawa Report has handed down Kill Orders for a number of Terrorist Websites, time to make dead.  MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!


Al Shabbab in the United States

For years now, I have been following information on the Jawa Report about Muslim Terrorists recruiting here in the United States.  The primary proponent in this is Al Shabbab, a division of Al Qaeda, responsible for recruiting young men of Somali descent here in the United States to serve in the Al Shabbab army in their native land.

Well, no longer are they operating only outside the United States. They are now operating as gangs, conducting low level acts of terrorism, varying from a normal crime in motivation only, and are able to act as regular gangs, hidden in annonymity, carrying out acts of microscopic terrorism right under our noses.

Oh, and this is to you morons in Queers for Palestine, Muslim Terrorists HATE YOU, as the group currently acting in the United States shows quite proudly in the above video.

Currently, even if the media refuses to declare it, we can see the effects of this in Europe, where Paris as we know it is dying.


UPS vs. FedEx: Why UPS is wrong, and FedEx is right

There will be a little bit of History here, so bear with me.  George Will goes more in depth on this one.

The basis of the current conflict between UPS and FedEx has to do with the National Labor Relations Act and the Railroad Labor Act.  The NRLA, which applies to UPS as it was a Trucking Company first, makes all unions of the employees Local Unions.  The RLA, which applied to FedEx as it was a Cargo Airline (And thus eligible for the RLA after an ammendment in 1936 which made Airlines part of the RLA) means that all Railway and Airline Unions must be national.

While both UPS and FedEx use Cargo Jets and Trucks, UPS is a Trucking Company First, while FedEx uses it’s trucks to feed it’s airline.

In 1981, UPS expanded into Air Travel.  In the 90’s, UPS, with the assistance of FedEx, tried to be Re-Categorized as an Airline for the sake of the RLA.  Sadly, they failed.

Now, UPS is trying to take apart the RLA, and subject FedEx to the NLRA.  This would break up the streamlined, integrated, efficient system that makes FedEx so much cheaper then UPS, and force costs up.

This, in spite of the fact, that FedEx pays their workers better with better benefits and lower costs, in full accord with the Ford Ethos (Highest Wages, Lowest Costs, Best Quality).

So, the solution?  Abolish the NLRA, and apply the RLA to ALL businesses in the Country.  It will bring wages up, costs down, and increase quality.  In most areas that is.

Otherwise, you will have more corruption like the Teamster strong arm tactics which are driving UPS to force the same plague on FedEx.


Obama and the Dictators

Sitting here in my room and listening to the radio, I must admit, I am scared.  I sit here and listen, day after day, as a government which grows more and more unpopular (down to -8 according to Rasmussen) grows more and more desperate to ram more and more Big Government down our throats and violate more and more of our Constitution.  That he is standing up for Dictators in Honduras and Iran does not help the matter any.

So, when I saw the following, it worried me any more.

Obama’s Cold War Re-Write and & Dictator Love Fest

It would seem, that while he was in Russia, Hopey One Kenobi sucked up to Vladimir Putin, the man with the highest Journalist Body Count this Millenium, and declared that the Cold War was won beause the Second World decided it was done.


The Cold War was won by the United States, because as we pursued the possibility of the Star Wars program, Russia saw what we where doing, and knew that should it get approved and built, they ould not copy the system.  They knew that they where not as technologically advaned as the United States (probably had something to do with Imprisoning all of their scientists in Gulags for a long time, but i digress) and could no longer compete with the United States in that realm, and so the system began to collapse down around their ears.

Obama, please, learn the J-Curve, love the J-Curve, and then please, STEP DOWN before you fore us further down the curve and into instabillity, because no one will enjoy that time in the bottom of the curve.

J-CurveWe must move right along this curve, not left.


Global Warming debate is like High School

Oh, great, I am back in fracking High School all over again.  I have been called a Nazi.  At least this time it isn’t because I am a Blonde Haired, Blue Eyed, German-American with Conservative Libertarian Ideology.  (I know, that last part makes no sense, but in High School, a Nazi is any Conservative)  There is a reason I wear a hat and sunglasses out as often as possible when Rabble Rousing at a Tea Party.  It doesn’t help that in my Senior Year, my Catholic Social Teachings professor compared me to a man who supported Segregation.

For those of you blissfully ignorant.  Al Gore has decided that I am a member of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party, and all because I am a Climate Heretic.  (Socialist and Worker in the same name, in the home of the Statist seeds sown by the Prussians?  How the hell did anyone expect that to go well?)

And all of this because I recognize the follies of Climate Indulgences.  Because, that is all that Cap and Trade is.  It will not reduce CO2.  Spain has already proven that much.  All that it will do is cost you and I more, and more, and more, and more money in the short run and long run.  Martin Luther helped force the Church to recognize that it was corrupt, so I wonder, why isn’t Inhoffe doing more to act like Martin Luther? (Wow, I am encouraging my favorite Senator to act like my least favorite Theologian.  Scary.)

However, when it comes to the liberties enshrined in the Constitution of the United States of America, I am willing to preform any Non-Violent act of Civil Disobedience.  Emphasis there on the Non-Violent part.

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