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Iran: Sources Speak

I have been reluctant to post on the Revolution that Wouldn’t Die in Iran, because, not having had my blog at the start, I have been unsure as to where to start.  Well, Atlas Shrugs has given me my starting point. And it disgusts me.  Iran deserves better then the current government they are plagued with.

And, here is why.

In the Islamic Republic it is illegal to execute a young woman, regardless of her crime, if she is a virgin, he explained. Therefore a “wedding” ceremony is conducted the night before the execution: The young girl is forced to have sexual intercourse with a prison guard – essentially raped by her “husband.”


4th of July

Sorry about the unannounced five day weekend.  I had a rather wierd one.  From an ambush by the girl who dumped me, to picking my sister up from the airport after her month long vacation in Europe, to the 4th of July activities, to the recovery the next few days, and my disgust with the media over the Michael Jackson funeral, I am just glad the weekend is over.

So, it is time to inform you of what I did on the 4th of July.

I started off the day at O’Dark Thirty for the Lenexa Freedom Run, the 4th of July 5K my City conducts every year, in the worst Humidity I have ever faced.  I am not going to claim that I am in good condition, but it was the worst I have ever done.  I lost three minutes off my time thanks to that.

Then, I went to the American Celebration, or as I called it all day, the Independence Day Tea Party.  That was fun.  I brought my Betsy Ross flag, as you will see in the video, and on the front of the video before you click on it.

Then, they gave me a Megaphone.  Have they not been watching the videos of the Channel 9 Protest or the Cap and Trade Tea Party?  (I am the guy in the White T-Shirt [usually my Fair-Tax one] and a FairTax Hat or Sunglasses or both)  I don’t NEED a megaphone.  But, I will admit, it helped me as I read out the Declaration of Independence.

Apparently, the Media where there.  I never saw them.  But Kansas Meadowlark has links to the Media Coverage of the event.  Granted, the protest stretched over a mile in length on the Kansas Side, and about half of that on the Missouri side.


The Crime of Nationalized Healthcare Part 1: Cancer

Provocative title isn’t it?  Well, sadly there is a lot of truth in that title.

The best example of which is the situation of Barbara Wagner.  Barbara Wagner is a Cancer Patient who is on the State Run Oregon Health Care system, or as I refer to it, Oregoncare.  When she was diagnosed with Cancer, the State of Oregon sent her an unsigned letter sayign that, while it would not pay for her cancer medication, as it, like the NHS over in the UK, does not cover life extending drugs, it would pay for her euthenasia.

It was not until the “EVIL” drug companies stepped in and donated a full course of treatment, that she had any real options.

Similar incidents occur all across the United Kingdom, Canada, and Scotland, where they have a Nationalized Healthcare System.

These systems are so bad, that there is a growing industry known as Medical Tourism, with the United States and Hungary as the two primary destination spots.  While Hungary is the home of dentistry in Europe, as British Dentists do not get paid once they surpass the NHS Quota, and thus have no incentive to continue to work.  This leaves seven million British Citizens without access to Dentistry within their own country.

And now, we find out that the Massachusets Health Care System is collapsing under it’s own weight in spectacular, California Government Style.

We are seeing time and again, across the board, that this system does not work, so please, tell, me, WHY are we trying to copy these crimes here in the United States?

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