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Iranian Coup Underway

It looks to me that soon, Iminajihad is going to be little more then a puppet for the Supreme Ayatollah Koumeini, with the real power being held in the hands of the armed forces of Iran.

Atlas Shrugs is reporting that on day 43 of the Revolution that Would Not Die, even though the Armed Forces are SLAUGHTERING Iranians left and right for continuing to demand their basic human rights.

On top of that, China Confidential is reporting that Iminajihad is plotting the assassination of Mousavi.

Defiantly, Hot Air is reporting that the protests will NOT stop until the government backs down.

But, it would appear that the Revolutionary Guard is taking control of the state under the cover of smoke.  If they should take control, then any who try to protest will do wo with a target on their back.

And if Honduras is any indication, Obama will not lift a finger to stop them.


Iran: Sources Speak

I have been reluctant to post on the Revolution that Wouldn’t Die in Iran, because, not having had my blog at the start, I have been unsure as to where to start.  Well, Atlas Shrugs has given me my starting point. And it disgusts me.  Iran deserves better then the current government they are plagued with.

And, here is why.

In the Islamic Republic it is illegal to execute a young woman, regardless of her crime, if she is a virgin, he explained. Therefore a “wedding” ceremony is conducted the night before the execution: The young girl is forced to have sexual intercourse with a prison guard – essentially raped by her “husband.”


The Israeli Miracle (Up Next: The Japanese Miracle?)

In the ground-shifting anime and manga, Ghost in the Shell, there exists something called the Japanese Miracle.  It is a nanite system that is able to eat and process radiation into something that is safe for humanity to encounter.  Well, Israel is working on something similar, with a new medication that safely protects people from the radiation effects of a nuclear bomb.

I vote we call it the Israeli Miracle.


Obama and the Dictators

Sitting here in my room and listening to the radio, I must admit, I am scared.  I sit here and listen, day after day, as a government which grows more and more unpopular (down to -8 according to Rasmussen) grows more and more desperate to ram more and more Big Government down our throats and violate more and more of our Constitution.  That he is standing up for Dictators in Honduras and Iran does not help the matter any.

So, when I saw the following, it worried me any more.

Obama’s Cold War Re-Write and & Dictator Love Fest

It would seem, that while he was in Russia, Hopey One Kenobi sucked up to Vladimir Putin, the man with the highest Journalist Body Count this Millenium, and declared that the Cold War was won beause the Second World decided it was done.


The Cold War was won by the United States, because as we pursued the possibility of the Star Wars program, Russia saw what we where doing, and knew that should it get approved and built, they ould not copy the system.  They knew that they where not as technologically advaned as the United States (probably had something to do with Imprisoning all of their scientists in Gulags for a long time, but i digress) and could no longer compete with the United States in that realm, and so the system began to collapse down around their ears.

Obama, please, learn the J-Curve, love the J-Curve, and then please, STEP DOWN before you fore us further down the curve and into instabillity, because no one will enjoy that time in the bottom of the curve.

J-CurveWe must move right along this curve, not left.

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