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Honesty on the Hill

I never thought I would say it, but Conyers actually told the truth here, even if he doesn’t realize it…


Protest Roundup

Sharp Elbows has a hilarious report on ignorant Cap and Taxers who don’t even understand what they are promoting. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

Gateway Pundit has more on that McCaskill ObamaCare Town Hall, and the resulting Tea Party that broke out. Dang, I wish I could have been there.  I would have brought my shades and Betsy Ross.

I did trot them out for a different protest out in front of Congressman Denis Moore’s Office here in Johnson County.  As usual, Kansas Meadowlark has the video.  You can hear my leading chants and informing the crowd in the background near the begining.

The Campaign For Liberty presented 1,044 petitions, signed over the past several weeks, to Dennis Moore’s office, demanding that he support the Audit the Fed bill.

I wonder what camera Meadowlark is using, because he has some great stills pulled from a video from a car that was driving past.

Meadowlark also had some great footage of the “Angry Mob” which greeted Bernanke when he arrived at the Federal Reserve. I wish I could have gone, but it was over before I could get there.  (No, the guy with the Betsy Ross at 1:50 is not me, though I am glad to see that Betsy Ross is spreading as a symbol for the protests)  They even had some “Who Are We?  We The People!” chants going.  Glad to hear it.  It is a great way to drive home out point.

Keep up the good work Protesters, I hope to be there at the next one.

Which, I have not been made aware of…


ObamaCare Roundup and LinkFest

Okay, I don’t have time to do the analysis I would like to do with all of this, because there is so fraking much of it.  So, for now, I am going to post the following links, and follow it up with a post this afternoon examining it.

Michelle Malkin:

Congressman laughed at over healthcare bill

The good news is that ObamaCare is suffering a Code Blue, as Michelle Malkin describes in this post.

Which is a good thing, becuase otherwise 83,000,000 would lose their private health care, and be forced to rely on the government.

But, as Michelle also reports, the more they talk, the lower their support falls.  He might just beat out Bush in reaching the skinny digits…

Mere Rhetoric:

Mere Rhetoric also reports that Obama is going after those on the Hill who speak out in opposition to his plan.  Sounds rather Wilsonian to me.  Wonder when he will start jailing them…

Gateway Pundit:

Gateway Pundit has a copy of the President’s Twitter, where he accused us of “Playing Politics with Lives.”

GP also has a video of Roy Blunt (Congressman from across State Line) asking Obama and the Libs why they aren’t going to be on ObamaCare themselves. Healthcare for me, but not for thee.

There is a great video of one of us Unruly Peasents telling the Health Secretary (Again, America, Kansas Apologises for unleashing her upon you) that it will be a “Cold Day In Hell” before she socializes America.  Sebelius looked flabergasted.

Gateway Pundit reports that there are going to be Racial preferences in the system.  Great, just great.  This is going to suck hard.

Senator DeMint went after Obama and the Libs over Obamacare and 10% unemployment.  Nice job man.

Atlas Shrugs:

Atlas has a great post which looks at all of the hidden snags and snare. READ IT.  LEARN IT.  SAY IT.  THIS is our most important tool.  Speak truth, and shame the devil.

Hot Air:

Obama told a woman that her mother might have been better off if she had gotten painkillers instead of a pacemaker.  God, it’s like the NHS in there…

Hot Air also shows that in Obama’s view, there are the unwashed masses and The Elites.  And that we must “Stop Clining” to the healthcare system 81% are okay with…

Pirate Cove:

The Pirates are reporting that Obama doesn’t even know what is in H.R. 3200, and that he hasn’t read it.  Why am I not surprised.


RS is reporting that there is no concensus among Democrats in the House on ObamaCare. KEEP UP THE PRESSURE.  They broke to many arms to pass Crap & Tax, they don’t have much power left for this one.

RedState does a good job in comparing the ObamaCare plan to Britain’s NHS.

Sweetness and Light:

S&L reports that H.R. 3200 has been postponed over concerns from Blue Dogs. Now if only we could get them to throw their support behind the F-22 projects…

Heritage Foundation:

Obama is raising taxes on the Poor to pay for ObamaCare.

With the threats of ObamaCare, The Foundry looks at whether or not the Government should be in charge of determining the value of an American Life.

This Policy Paper goes even more indepth into the same.

The Other McCain:

Stacy over at The Other McCain is also reporting that Obama’s pushing of H.R. 3200 is killing his approval ratings.


Day Without Internet

Sorry folks, for some reason, my internet was down all yesterday, and I haven’t been able to post.  But, now that I have a connection, here comes the catching up.


Claire McCaskill Tea Party Mk. II UPDATE: Cops called on St. Louis Tea Party

I just got back from the Health Care Tea Party in front of Claire McCaskill’s office. That was fun, if small. It seems that only 20 people saw the message to come and protest, including a pair of nuns of the Franciscan Order, who delivered a number of petitions signed during the protest to the aides working in her office.

I informed them of the 1600 hours (4:00 pm) Tea Party at Emanuel Cleaver’s office, and hope to see my readers there this after noon. Until then, I plan on eating my lunch, and hydrating.

I asked the question there, and will ask it again here, If Obama chose a Eugenicist for his Science Czar, who will he chose for his Health Care Czar?

Michelle Malkin has more on the nationwide protests, including pics from our buddies in St. Louis.

Gateway Pundit has more info on the St. Louis Tea Party, where not only did they lock the doors and close the blinds (which they did at ours) but also called the cops to force them off of Public Land.  That is absolutely disgusting, and Claire McCaskill should be ashamed.  The Tea Parties have not been violent.  They have not been rude.  They are the Politest protests I have ever seen.  And Claire calls out the police to force them off public land?

One thing that did piss me off at ours, was the locking out of the Franciscan Nuns who where out with us, when they went in to deliver the petitions.  I had to pull out my Cell Phone and call them to ask them to open the doors because they where not letting us in (we had several people going in either individually or with a partner to complain).  It was disgusting.


SURPRISE: TWO Tea Parties Today

Well, looks like I need to get moving this morning, there is going to be a Tea Party out in front of Claire McCaskill’s office this morning at 11.  Wish I had updated Gateway Pundit earlier last night so I coud have read that earlier then 7:30 this morning.  I will be there for the Kansas City one.


4141 Pennsylvania, Ste. 101
Kansas City, MO 64111

It’s the same place we had the Blizzard Tea Party back in February

Then, there is going to be the one at 16:00 this afternoon (4 pm) at Emanuel Cleaver’s Office.  I encourage you to go to both.  Unless you live in St. Louis, in which case, that is far too long of a drive.  Don’t worry about it.


101 W. 31st Street
Kansas City, MO 64108

I am going to be busy today.  See you there.


NewsBusted 20090710

Latest NewsBusted is up!


Sheila Jackson Lee: Embarresment

My mother, in response to an Ammendment to H.R. 600: FHA Seller-Financed Downpayment Reform Act of 2009 (Which I shall be conducting a Constitutionality Review of tomorrow), had the following to say.

Dear Congressman Moore,

I emailed your office inquiring one thing on HR 245 - did you 
read the entire bill, without assistance from your staff.  
Unfortunately, I have not had a response.  

Now, I have another question.  Are you planning to get caught 
up in the Michael Jackson nonsense - H. RES. 600?  
Perhaps that time could be better spent reading HR 245.  

Also, thanks for all your votes that have resulted in 
my share of the debt:
As of July 7, 2009:
Your share:

You can see how I turned out so well, with great Role Models like her.  Now, for the record, H.R. 600 is not actually about Michael Jackson.  It is about us paying the mortgages of fools who shouldn’t have gotten the mortgages in the first place.

However, Sheila “Black Named Hurricanes” Jackson Lee, has introduced an Ammendment to the Resolution which will honor the man.

And so, back to the “No Michael Jackson Zone” for me.


Cap and Trade Cyanide: Krugman’s Confusion

Paul Krugman has been acting odd lately.  Mainly on the matter of Climate Change and Cap and Trade.  It almost seems like he is channeling Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, when he debated whether;

A. All Australians should be stripped of citizenship and then allowed to regain it upon swearing fealty to the Church of Global Warming


B. The Government should ask all citizens to swear fealty to the Church of Global Warming, and strip the citizenship of those who refuse.

I mention this, because as RedState recently reported that Paul Krugman has declared me to be a “Traitor to the Planet” for opposing Cap and Trade.  This after he himself admitted that HR 2454 would not create new jobs.

Thank you, Mr. Krugman, for at least admitting that much.  Though I do resent being called a traitor, even if it does further prove my point that America is becoming a Theocracy dedicated to the Church of Global Warming.  Hell, California is already issuing Gorans instead of Gideon Bibles in the Hotel Rooms.

Now, before I go any further, I would like to re-iterate the questions asked by The Pirate’s Cove of those who voted Yes on HR 2454.

  1. Did you read the bill, including the 300 page 0309 hour Romeo ammendment?  If so, did you understand it all?
  2. Will you follow the principles behind HR 2454, even if it doesn’t pass muster in the Senate?
  3. If it passes the Senate, and POTUS signs it into law, who will you blame when the costs of energy “Necessarily skyrocket?”  What about Taxes?
  4. What is your endgame with HR 2454?  What do you plan on actually doing with this bill?

Meanwhile, the National Black Chamber of Congress did a study which found that Cap and Trade would cost the United States 2.5 million jobs each year.  That is a lot of jobs, and a massive hit to the Economy.  This trend would last until 2030 minimum.  And I ask you, how could we recover from that.  We are looking at high double digit unemployment, far above the Great Depression, and worse then the Weimar Republic.  And you remember what came next there…



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