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4th of July

Sorry about the unannounced five day weekend.  I had a rather wierd one.  From an ambush by the girl who dumped me, to picking my sister up from the airport after her month long vacation in Europe, to the 4th of July activities, to the recovery the next few days, and my disgust with the media over the Michael Jackson funeral, I am just glad the weekend is over.

So, it is time to inform you of what I did on the 4th of July.

I started off the day at O’Dark Thirty for the Lenexa Freedom Run, the 4th of July 5K my City conducts every year, in the worst Humidity I have ever faced.  I am not going to claim that I am in good condition, but it was the worst I have ever done.  I lost three minutes off my time thanks to that.

Then, I went to the American Celebration, or as I called it all day, the Independence Day Tea Party.  That was fun.  I brought my Betsy Ross flag, as you will see in the video, and on the front of the video before you click on it.

Then, they gave me a Megaphone.  Have they not been watching the videos of the Channel 9 Protest or the Cap and Trade Tea Party?  (I am the guy in the White T-Shirt [usually my Fair-Tax one] and a FairTax Hat or Sunglasses or both)  I don’t NEED a megaphone.  But, I will admit, it helped me as I read out the Declaration of Independence.

Apparently, the Media where there.  I never saw them.  But Kansas Meadowlark has links to the Media Coverage of the event.  Granted, the protest stretched over a mile in length on the Kansas Side, and about half of that on the Missouri side.


Straw Poll and Cap and Trade Protest (UPDATED)

I had a busy day out being political today.  Today was the date of the Johnson County Strawpoll.  So, I donned my FairTax T-Shirt and Hat, and headed on out.  Little did I know, as it was my first time at a Strawpoll, it costs money to vote in these things.  Annoying, but something I will remember for next time I got to one.

I wound up hooking up with the FairTax people out at the Straw Poll, and introduced a number of people to the FairTax.  I also had to pass over more then I talked with, as it seemed like so many there already supported the idea.  Always a good thing to hear.

While at the FairTax booth, I met up with Jeff Locke, the 2nd Congressional District Coordinator for the FairTax.  He is planning on running for the State Legislature for South East Kansas, and I encourage my readers to support his bid.  I will do a longer post on him come Friday as the first of my Freedom Friday Posts on the FairTax.

The guys from Campaign for Liberty and the Hope for America Coalition where at the Strawpoll, collecting signatures on a petition to support HR 1207 The Federal Reserve Transparency Act, as brought before the House by Representative Ron Paul (R-TX 14).

Despite the support for the petition, he did not do as well in the Strawpoll, with Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin gaining a large number of votes, and Bobby Jindal coming in with a lower number.  As a Jindal 2012 supporter, that does not make me very happy, but Huckabee does support the FairTax, so I need to balance it out.  Plus, Huckabee has support from Chuck Norris, and I fear Chuck.

Kris Kobach, a local Constitutional Scholar, did very well in the Strawpoll, and looks to have a large support in the upcoming race for the new Secretary of State.

The largest winner though, might have been Darla Jaye, the host of 980 at LIVE with Darla Jaye on News Radio 980 KMBZ.  Everyone at the Strawpoll walked around with a Draft Darla sticker somewhere, and they did not bring enough.

Kansas Meadowlark was out there, camera in hand, documenting the events, and will hopefully have more information about the event on his website, as I had forgotten to bring a pad of paper and a pen with me.

Amanda Grosserode with the Kansas City Tea Party was out there networking, and spreading word about the protest at the Johnson County Court House afterwords.

The protest against HR 2454 America Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 was modestly sized, not bad for a protest with only 24 hours notice.  Kansas Meadowlark had someplace else to be, but Nice Deb stuck around to document the protest.  I am in the pictures somewhere, but I won’t be saying who.

There where some great signs at the protest, including one which read “Enjoy Your A/C While You Still Can.”  All of them can be seen on Nice Deb’s site.

We had a number of honks, but we also had more hecklers then normal, and that was rather interesting.  I kinda like having hecklers, as it means that people are at least looking at what we are saying.

Update: Kansas Meadowlark has the results, and a great video of Darla Jaye’s speech.  I encourage all of you to go and read the post.

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